What’s life without WATER!

Eskimo Fashion Knitwear Lanka  is a German Owned B.O.I. Company having a workforce of over 2500 employees. The Factory is located in Kadirana North, Negombo, Sri Lanka

There are two villages adjoining the factory and there are around 600 families in these two villages. The area Kadirana North does not have pipe borne water. As such they got their washing water supply from man dug wells in their compounds. Such water could not be taken for drinking purposes as this water is unfit for human consumption.

For the villagers to get drinking water they had to travel around 2-3 Kilometers away from the village where there are wells from which water of drinking quality could be obtained. A representation from these two villages approached the Eskimo Management with their drinking water problem. With the population in the village  increasing the company too identified this as a basic requirement of the villagers and embarked on a Drinking water supplying project along with the local governing body of this area.

With   the   combined   expertise    from     the Company  and  the  officials  of the local   governing  body  of  the  village the ground was tested and a place was identified  to  dig  a  deep  well  which  contained water of drinking quality. A pump house and an   overheard    tank   was erected.  Pipe Lines were laid down to the individual houses.

Water  from  the well  was supplied  to  the  houses   in  one  village   and  such villagers  are now  enjoying pipe borne drinking water. The construction work to provide drinking water to the 2nd village is in progress and is scheduled to be over by July 2008.

Eskimo today is extremely proud to have helped the water poor become water sufficient.


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