Ethical Fashion Symposium as part of SLDF

fashion_gwg2The 2010 Sri Lanka Design Festival (SLDF) will be held this year from the 11th - 17th November 2010 in Colombo. This ground breaking event will showcase the best of Sri Lankan design and ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices on a global platform. Renowned global opinion leaders and leading edge authorities on  sustainable fashion will participate in an international gathering for the Ethical Fashion Symposium on 12th November for a ground breaking event. Experts from all over the world will come together to focus on practical solutions for manufacturing, buying and sourcing and ethics.The event will be chaired by legendary fashion writer, journalist, critic, and Brand Ambassador to SLDF, Colin McDowell.

Sri Lanka’s fashion manufacturing industry has progressed towards becoming the leader in the global supply chain which caters to leading international brands and retains its position at the forefront of ethical manufacturing, a key to the growth of the fashion industry in Sri Lanka. The Ethical Fashion Symposium, one of the main highlights of SLDF 2010, will be held on the 12th of November 2010 at the Mount Lavinia Hotel, and will bring together thought leaders from both within and outside the industry to share their insights on sustainability. This is an unprecedented event, as never before have so many global, creative minds from a number of different sectors come together.

The Symposium is structured to provide an ideal platform to not only debate on issues and roadblocks but also discuss solutions for sourcing and manufacturing of sustainable apparel. Programme highlights will include - a presentation on the Evolution of Sustainable Apparel Business: From Codes of Conduct to Partnership — analysis of early and emerging innovative approaches to social responsibility in apparel brands’ by Prof Suzanne Loker of Cornell University,  discussions  focusing on Transparency and Trust - Responding to Consumer Demand for Visibility in the Supply Chain; Legislation and Education, and Responsible Reporting. All discussions will be moderated by Colin McDowell. Other key personalities and industry figures participating in this event will include Paschal Little of M & S, Elizabeth Laskar (renowned for her work in ethical fashion in the UK), Orsola de Castro (co-founder and curator, Esthetica – London Fashion Week), Clare Hamer (Sustainable Sourcing specialist - UK), Bruce Montgomery (Menswear Consultant & Designer – London & Italy), Mahesh Amalean of MAS, and Kumar Mirchandani, to name a few.

Linda Speldewinde, Managing Director of the Academy of Design (AOD) and Founder of SLDF, elaborates, “This event brings great value to the local apparel industry and aids in developing our national economy by placing the Sri Lankan apparel industry as the leader of ethical design and fashion manufacturing practices. This corresponds to the global fashion movement towards sustainability and ethical practices, where consumers are no longer ignorant about the origins of what they wear, and retailers, designers and manufacturers possess the insight and knowledge to answer this need”.

SLDF 2010, in partnership with the Export Development Board (EDB) will bring together leading international and local experts in key design sectors encompassing Fashion, Jewellery, Graphic Design and Advertising, Craft, Product Design and Interior Design and Architecture. This event will consist of a rich and exciting weeklong programme where workshops, panel discussions, fashion shows, presentations, seminars, and demonstrations will engage visitors as well as retailers, design enthusiasts and experts in the relevant design sectors.

More details regarding tickets for workshops and seminars will be available online through the Sri Lanka Design Festival Website;

19 October 2010
Source : Dailymirror

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