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Eco-Ethical Clothing Lines = Feel-Good Fashion

As ethical and environmental clothing becomes more popular, more and more companies are offering lines that cater to the customers demands. White Apricot is a website that offers an online newsletter as a "go to place for the latest trends, news and information on eco fashion, organic skin care and natural cosmetics, as well as other cool eco and socially conscious products and services to incorporate into your lifestyle."


Can 'Garments without Guilt' raise the bar for Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka's apparel industry is pinning its hopes on its 'Garments without Guilt' initiative to give it a competitive edge as an ethical producer in a crowded international market. It's a bold stance, but one the country believes will help enhance buyer loyalty and tap into consumer concerns over the conditions in which their clothes are made. Leonie Barrie reports.


Impossible dream


For a quarter of a century, Sri Lanka's bloody ethnic conflict between the majority Sinhalese and minority Tamils has sputtered on, with periods of all-out war and low-intensity insurgency, ill-observed ceasefires and frequent terrorist atrocities.

AmbassadoR's Remarks to the Sri Lanka Garment Buying Offices Association "Perspectives on the U.S. Economy"

Ladies and Gentleman, It is a pleasure to be here with you this evening. I understand that you just elected a new board for the following year so let me congratulate the new board. I always appreciate the opportunity to speak to the Garment Buying Offices Association and the companies represented here tonight.


Will Garments without Guilt Deliver the Expected ?

Pakistan's Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) has decided to set up training centres for workers in garment factories with help from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Pakistan Readymade Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PRGMEA).


Sri Lanka Offers Garments Without Guilt

by Malayna
If you've ever paid attention to the tags on your clothing, you might have found yourself cringing as you envision sweatshop conditions in places you've never been. In Sri Lanka though, the apparel industry has gotten together to let us all know that we can buy their Garments Without Guilt. That's what they've named their mission-turned-movement, and you join them at www.garmentswithoutguilt.com.


Sri Lanka Apparel launches 'Garments without Guilt' in Europe

Sri Lanka Apparel launched its "Garments without Guilt" initiative in Europe at the Fatex Fair in Paris recently.

The Garments without Guilt initiative focuses on ethical manufacture and sustainable development assuring the industry's commitment to ethical working conditions, free of child labour, free of forced labour, free of discrimination and free of sweatshop practices.


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