Eco-Ethical Clothing Lines = Feel-Good Fashion

As ethical and environmental clothing becomes more popular, more and more companies are offering lines that cater to the customers demands. White Apricot is a website that offers an online newsletter as a "go to place for the latest trends, news and information on eco fashion, organic skin care and natural cosmetics, as well as other cool eco and socially conscious products and services to incorporate into your lifestyle."

They give their picks for the top eco-friendly clothes and accessories, tell readers which celebrities have been spotted sporting which brands and styles, and follow mainstream fashion designers who are now creating eco-friendly clothing.

One of their lists of top picks is a list of websites that offer a selection from several eco-ethical clothing lines. Here are a few of the fashion lines mentioned:

Stewart + Brown - A clothing line featuring designs in organic cotton, Mongolian cashmere, and factory surplus textiles for sustainability. They practice and promote a symbiotic and harmonious relationship between business, community, and nature.

Nicole Bridger - Creates designer clothing with a social conscious. Using sustainable fabrics, they strive to have a positive relationship with everyone who works to create their clothing.

Ecoganik - Ecoganik presents a fusion of fashion and eco-consciousness. They offer a fresh look while holding to the principles of quality and eco-conscious living.

Del Forte Denim - Del Forte Denim is proud to be part of a strong and growing movement dedicated to sustainability. DFD educates farmers, agricultural students and the general public on ways to increase the sustainability of farms and supports those farmers who are sustainable and/or organic.

Loomstate - Loomstate was founded as a casual brand dedicated to creating demand for certified organic cotton using socially and environmentally responsible methods of production.

Moral Fervor - Moral Fervor, shown in the video clip above, strives to create an ecological model of business through their clothing. Using only bio-based fabrics that are organic and sustainable, they are conscientious about every level of business - from the concept of each collection, design, sourcing and production. Each collection is inspired by an environmental or social topic, giving each collection a level of depth and meaning that they feel is an important part of life.

Grace & Cello - All the fabrics used to make their clothes have been chosen carefully, in order to minimize the impact on the environment. They also make their clothes in sweatshop-free working environments in their neighbourhood in Montreal, because they believe environmental sustainability is impossible without community sustainability (and vice versa).

Kelly B - Kelly B creates unique and comfortable clothing for the conscious consumer. From fair labor practices to an environmentally friendly product, Kelly's first two lines have been produced with all organic cotton and other natural fibers including bamboo and organic cotton.

Sameunderneath - Sameunderneath is not only a clothing company, but also a belief in life itself. Their objective is to unite those who don't judge others by religion, race, hobbies, color, creed, and/or sex. They are not a clothing company for one specific group; we're a product lifestyle company for the world. Sameunderneath's mission is to change the way people look at each other.

Sublet Clothing - Sublet Clothing seeks to be a means for positive social change, while fostering a collaborative community. They are socially and environmentally responsible in the way they source, manufacture, and run their company.

With so many choices for ethical and environmental fashion outside of the mainstream retailers, is it possible that these lines might give the big names a run for their money?

Could this be the future of fashion?

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