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Favourite Group has chosen to support the health and well-being of their employees and their community in a number of ways. Though healthcare in Sri Lanka is free, they have given their employees additional medical coverage that includes accidents and hospitalisation. They also maintain the Ladies Ward at the local hospital as an ongoing part of their social welfare efforts. After the tsunami, they turned over an entire warehouse complex to the United Nations Food Program for over 3 months, allowing them a base to coordinate their relief efforts.

As part of their commitment to sporting excellence, they encourage young sportsmen and women to reach their potential by offering them the opportunity to play on the company cricket team, ladies' netball or men's volleyball teams. Some have gone on to participate in sporting events overseas. They also helped a local veteran athlete by sponsoring him to participate in the Asian Veteran Games in India. In addition, they have donated school equipment at the beginning of every year since 1976, supporting the future well-being of their community.