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CEI Plastics Ltd has made it their mission to support and promote differently-abled persons. They encourage applications to work in their factory, not only as part of their equal opportunity policy, but because they have found that such workers are eager to learn, easy to teach and generally more conscientious than their peers. Men and women with visual, hearing, mobility and intellectual challenges are not confined to a particular section or activity, and simple adaptations have been made to accommodate their needs.

Not only are they able to empower the differently-abled employees themselves, but positively influence their other employees, encouraging them to accept and appreciate the different facets of talent contributed by their differently-abled coworkers. Some former employees have even gone on to start their own businesses. One woman began making soap, for instance, and CEI purchases all its soap from her.

Already their policy has had far-reaching consequences - The Employers' Network on Disability and The International Labour Union has used CEI Plastics as a model for others.