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Brandix discovered that the lack of potable water and sanitation were fundamental problems that needed to be focused upon, especially in the rural areas. Further, effluent water treatment, as an important part of their manufacturing processes needed to continue to safeguard the environment from the by-products of textile manufacturing, through the recycling and reuse of water. For these reasons they made their 'Water is Life' initiative the core of their CSR ethos.

From 2005, Brandix engineering teams began the task of constructing and maintaining desalination plants in strategically located areas. The process is two-fold: firstly, to convert sea water into fresh, drinkable water and secondly, to distribute this to the local populace through the most efficient and effective mechanisms available. A mobile unit was commissioned to provide urgent relief during times of disaster, which proved particularly useful in their Tsunami relief efforts as did their expertise in cleaning contaminated wells and providing permanent water supplies to affected households. Brandix works in partnership with customers and technical specialists to continue to provide access to water.