Our apparel industry believes in Best Practices.

Sri Lanka's business policy supports the global compact as addressed to the business community by the Secretary General of the United Nations. The Global Compact charters a holistic approach to business, whereby companies are encouraged to fully embrace their social and environmental responsibilities along with economic performance. Sri Lanka's apparel industry takes this model of good governance very seriously and for many years now, we have been at the forefront of industrial excellence and corporate social responsibility in Asia.

Sri Lanka as a country has reiterated once again its support by ratifying the 27 Core Conventions of the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation which include:

  • Prohibition of Forced Labour
  • Prohibition of Child Labour
  • Prohibition of Discrimination on any grounds
  • Protection of the Environment

In addition, Sri Lanka has strong labour legislation that demands safe and healthy working conditions, governed hours of work, social security fund contributions, environmental protection standards and many other laws that ensure and encourage compliance.