About GWG

Sri Lanka Apparel - Garments without Guilt, the ethos of the Sri Lankan apparel industry, epitomizes the synergy between ethical brands and apparel made in Sri Lanka. "Children have no business in our business" is just one of the principles governing this industry ethos. Our ethical sourcing and sustainable development practices aim to empower women and support their communities through poverty alleviation and offering opportunities for education and personal growth. With the development of sustainable eco-friendly solutions to apparel manufacturing, we have endeavoured to make the 'Made in Sri Lanka' label synonymous with quality, reliability and social and environmental accountability.

Sri Lanka Apparel is proud to be the only outsourced manufacturing country in Asia which has signed up to 39 of the ILO Conventions and is one of the only 2 countries in the world to have been granted concessions by the European Union under the GSP + scheme. Our customers are those concerned with not only the quality of the end product but also with the values that go into making the garments. By working to create a more equitable society, we are creating a business that can compete with integrity and respect. We call it Garments Without Guilt.


Our mission is to employ ethical practices thereby contributing to the economic development of the country while improving the quality of life of our apparel industry's workforce and their communities. Our core values, combined with enlightened legislation, makes Sri Lanka a truly socially responsible and preferred destination for apparel sourcing.

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